Reusable mesh and bulk bags for vegatables and fruit. Free delivery ! Gratis verzending !


Make the difference by reducing single-use plastic waste.  Goodbye, plastic bags !

Reusable mesh and bulk bags for vegetables and fruit : 4 pieces each

2 x mesh bag Small + 2 X Large

2 x bulk bag Small + 2 X Large

Washing instructions : hand wash or machine wash inside out at low temperature when needed and  air dry. The bags will shrink a little after the first wash.

Sizes : 

2 Mesh bags : 26 cm x 27 cm  and 28,5 cm x 34,5 cm  - 

2 Bulk bags cotton : 19,5 cm X 24,5 cm  and 24,5 cm X 30 cm

Our bags are made from natural materials and therefore not harmful to the environment.  In many department stores, the cheaper bags are usually made from polyester and polypropylene --> plastic !