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Sustainable world needed !  No Waste for me !

Eye-opening Facts:

  •  Every year almost 10 million tons of plastic end up in the sea (30,000 kg / minute). A maximum of 10% of the plastic used is recycled.  Without major changes in mentality and behavioral changes, this wil increase to 140 million tonnes per year by 2040.
  •  All the plastic that has ever been produced still exists (except for the burned and recycled parts).
  •  Plastic breaks down into micro plastic, which has a harmful effect on animals and the entire ecosystem.
  • The degradability from plastic to micro plastics is extremely slow:

-Cigarette butts: 5 years

-Plastic bags: 20 years

-Styrofoam: 50 years

-Plastic bottles: 450 years

-Fishing nets and lines: 600 years

  • According to the "Plastic Soup Foundation", + -310 million tons of new plastic is made annually. Half of this is for one-time use and is thrown away immediately.
  •  As the world economy and population continues to grow, plastic production will increase sharply.

What can we do?

  • In times of eco-realism it is necessary not to ignore this problem, simply because plastic makes our lives easier.
  • The above facts should have the logical consequence that we produce less plastic and have to invest in recycling. However, for the reason 'plastic industry' is so powerful and one of the largest employers, this logical step will not happen in the first place.
  • That's why consumers and entrepreneurs, have a duty to adjust our own behavior and to opt for alternatives where possible. This seems to bethe only way to reduce the plastic mountain and achieve a change in mentality, down up.
  • The youth already has understood this huge problem and invites politicians and industry to put this issue high on the agenda, which will result in policy and strategic choices.
  • Meanwhile, several countries and cities have already introduced a ban on disposable plastic, and this trend will only continue.


"The greatest threat to our world is the belief that someone else will save it" Robert Swan


What can we do as consumer and entrepreneur?

  • We at "NoWasteForMe" are convinced that we must put maximum effort into using alternative consumer goods that don't contain plastic.
  • We therefore swear by the use of natural products with a low environmental impact as an alternative to the plastic classics

 -Recyclable water bottles

 -Reusable bags

 -Bamboo toothbrushes

- Bamboo straws – reusable

- Bamboo cutlery - reusable


Sustainability as a "trend and baseline" in marketing:

  • From the youth, we notice a strong demand for environmentally conscious behavior. We want to answer this question positively, naturally also from our own ideology.
  • As an entrepreneur, we believe that it is currently important to adopt an environmentally conscious attitude in our daily activities and make radical changes to raise consumer awareness and increase public support for a better world.