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About us and our products 

My happy living things is specialized in interior styling.  Bali is our inspiration source.

Hello, I'm Pascale, the person behind "Myhappylivingthings" and located at the coast-line in Belgium. My backyard is the beach.  There 's always a  holiday feeling, that gives me inspiration. and happiness.

Welcome to My Happy Living Things.  We want to offer products that are hand made with love.  Like handwoven lamps, baskets, chairs etc..made by artisanal designers .   You will understand that it takes more time to make them.   This also means that 2 products are never the same, what makes every item unique.   It's  our custom to choose items that are made from natural materials. and manufactured to the highest construction standards, ensuring comfort and durability.  So we stand for sustainable, ageless over years, and waste free.  Nowadays  plastic is everywhere and stays for hundreds of years on our planet. Myhappylivingthings want to make the difference and offer as much as possible  plastic free. products.   We hope you will appreciate them.  

The future will bring greener and more sustainable initiatives, which will guarantee exquisite beauty and style but without the harmful consequences for nature.  The usage of natural materials like seagrass, bamboo or rattan has already a strong niche and influence over the production of modern furniture elements and decor details.

When you have doubts and aren't sure that rotan products are trendy, we can assure you they are very trendy, cool and modern.  They came back from not long and far away and will give your interior that marvellous look you are looking for.  

It will be nice and extraordinary inside your house.  Our items are easy to combine in any interior style.

By example :  

- a relax rotan chair with one of our striking cushions or outstanding plaids; 

- a set of beaded boxes on your closet;  

- a large basket of banana tree peel and banana leaf midrib on your floor or a trendy rattan lampshade on the ceiling.


We are sure, everyone will find that special item that makes their interior very special !


After negotiation we buy our goods directly from artisanal designers and arrange the import by ourselves. That also means that you do not have to pay an expensive brand name.


You can follow us on Instagram and see the possibilities.  You will be surprised when you see the pictures.


Feel free to contact us if you would like to have more information. We are more than happy to explain you our service by detail.


Unless otherwise specified, all our products are for Indoor use.


Please keep follow our website.  Regularly we put in new trendy items.